Coronavirus (Covid-19) Request for Donation

Adventures in Learning is accepting donations to help families in need in our local area.   We ask that you donate on our website at adventures-in-learning.org.  Your donations will be used for food, clothing, paper goods, cleaning supplies, medicines, and other forms of necessities for our families in need. 

We reserve the right to redirect gifts as determined by Adventures in Learning. 

Thank you for your kind consideration of this request. Donate


Our mission

Adventures in Learning is an after-school educational and enrichment program dedicated to improving the lives of Long Island children in need of after-school care and instruction. Housed in the Hagedorn Community Center at the Manhasset/Great Neck EOC, Adventures provides a warm and caring environment where children develop homework skills while benefiting from computer instruction, literary and math programs, and cultural activities.

Focus Programs

The Film Workshop teaches children how to tell their own stories. The class focuses on writing and organizing one's own story.  A basic skill in  lighting techniques, camera theory and editing is introduced. The hope is to give the students creative ways to express their thoughts through story telling.

Our math specialist addresses the increasing needs of math instruction for our entire student body.  Ensuring the development of mathematics competence during the primary grades is essential to later learning success. 

Nutrition is an important part of Adventures in Learning’s instruction.  The program was created to give children an opportunity to try, taste, choose, incorporate and eat healthier food choices at meals and snack times. 

The purpose of this program is to address the needs of our English Language Learners (ELL) by providing an English as a New Language (ENL) program within the Adventures in Learning after school program.

The Early Childhood Reading Program administered by three reading specialists, is modeled on professional tutoring programs shown to be highly effective for improving reading outcomes.

News & Events

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The Manhasset School District has posted their reopening plan on the district web page. Follow the link for more information on how the schools will continue to have students, faculty and staff safely return to their school building every single day.
El Distrito Escolar de Manhasset ha publicado su plan de reapertura en la página web del distrito. Siga el enlace para obtener más información sobre cómo las escuelas continuarán haciendo que los... full story

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Thank you so much to Kate Collard, Bernadette Holmes, Jack Voelker, Ciara Loighlin, Lily Westfall, Sophia Zouak, and Lilliana Espinal for generously collecting and donating toys in this time of need.  Thank you so much for everything you do. 

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